Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A present for the boyfriend

The first time I visited my boyfriend Ed in Brighton I was playing with his pens and created a tiny (and terribly cute) dinosaur named Steve.  Dinosaur Steve was loosely based on a tyrannosaurus-rex so had teeny tiny arms.  If I can convince Ed to take a picture I might even be able to share the original Steve.
It's mine and Ed's anniversary tomorrow and because I cannot be there on the day I went to stay for a few days this week.  As part of his gift I made him a felt Dinosaur Steve to warm his lonely nights.  Here's how I did it.

I gathered the bits and bobs I needed - Keira Knightley's face is a must for all crafty projects - I included pins, needles, red felt, blue felt, scissors and a marker pen. I forgot to include thread and stuffing.  Whoopsie.

Then I drew a really simple outline of a T-rex, cut it out, pinned it the red felt (that I had folded in half) and cut him out. I made sure I left enough room around the picture for the stitching.  Easy huh?

Cats love crafting too!

Then I neatly sewed around the edges with a teeny tiny running stitch (in out in out) until I had a little hole I hadn't stitched...and then...baddahhhh.  I turned him right-side-out ready for stuffing.

I stuffed my little Steve with left over wool I had lying around then added his little blue tummy, eyes and teeth.  He just about fit in the palm of my hand.

This little cat certainly seemed to like him and I promise you Dinosaur Steve was very well received at the other end.  


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