Thursday, 26 January 2012

From the Midwest

So I have relocated for the next few months to Chicago, Illinois, USA. Because I moved so far away from home I wanted to bring a few bits and pieces with me.  

Here is some pretty handmade bunting that you might remember from my time on the boat, made by Ed, and some pretty little stickers he made me (they were packaged in 'Ed stickers and Hannah stickers packets!!!)  Also a picture he drew of Dinosaur Steve.  Next to that is the cutest little print that I picked up in a Pop Up Shop in Birmingham when I lived there.

The cup/gravy boat/vase was gifted by the wonderful Kirsten Butler, The Little Wedding Helper.  I love it!  If I had some fresh flowers to put in it I would - but for now it is home to my art supplies. Kirsten told me that it is shaped that way so it can fit nicely onto a mantlepiece - so smart, so sweet!
I miss her a lot and all the fun times we have spent together at industry events. 

Soon to come - art work on the walls!
Hannah x x x

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Some knits for Christmas

So you know I made some scarves over the festive period.  I didn't want to share them before Christmas and ruin the surprise, so here are a couple of pictures now.

As you can see my tassels leave a LOT to be desired.  I couldn't figure out how to make them look good and even and they took such a long time I just couldn't face redoing them.  My favourite scarf is the blue and grey one.  The two red and greys were for my little brothers, four and two - hopefully I can get a picture of them wearing them to share.

In the meantime?  Have a cat or two.  I miss these little boys so much.

Hope you're having a good January!

Hannah x x x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Star Trek jersey

So I made this little number for Ed.  I wanted to follow the tradition his Mum started when she gave him costumes as a child and I wanted something he could remember me by.

I ordered the patch from Ebay, bought the sleeve trim in the local haberdasher and the jumper is from H&M. It was really quick and easy to make - I hope he gets a lot of use from it.

Hannah xxx

Monday, 9 January 2012

Helping to get things done!

If you've seen my 2012 to-do list then you'll know this year I want to get.stuff.done. 2012, for me, is the year of success.  It's a tradition that started a couple of years ago but now I am this overwhelming urge to label my year and use that one word to really drive me. This year?  Success?  Could I tell you last years?  Fun. And it was so much fun.
Something that will definitely hinder is my lethargy and tendency to leave things till last minute if uninspired.  That's got to stop.  I'm moving to a brand new place and really want to harness the potential of my time there and the clue to that is...constant inspiration...
So what have I got in store for 2012 and keeping inspired? Take a peak.

Wai Wai Pang
Wai is my bestie - she's also a super talented illustrator

 I love looking at her Flickr and Tumblr and just seeing what she's up to work-wise.  I love the colours and the shapes and how much better than me she is. She also (occasionally because she also chats a lot of nonsense hahaha I know she is reading this...) says some pretty wise things. "I don't understand people who say they miss painting.  If you miss painting then paint." I always think of that when I am stressing out about not being able to do stuff. 

When she visited my in December I told her I wanted to write with neat, joined up letters and she just told me to practice and keep practicing. So I did.  And now I write in cursive all the time to keep it up and get compliments for my steady hand and swirly loopy letters.  Pretty good for less than a month, right?
So that's Wai Wai - I wrote for way (wai wai) longer than I should have. Also she'll kill me for that last joke.

A Beautiful Mess
Last year I was inspired everyday by this amazing blog. Not only did it inspire some crafty little things I made - some well and some not so well - it inspired me to live a bigger life and enjoy the aesthetics of it more. If there's one person I can credit with making ache to wear vintage then it's Elsie...and her sister Emma is a close second.  These two!  No words for how stylish they are.

This is THE outfit for 2011. I loved it.
Fan-boy moment over though.

I made some of these for Edwardatops and it was heavenly.

This shower curtain is just too much - I love it!
Aside from the super cute tutorials, fashion inspiration, hair styling, interior design (the list is exhaustive and I love it) these clever ladies have a series of E-courses and I am planning on signing up for a couple. I definitely have my eye on their sewing course but also the modern patchwork course.  Not because I won't do it anyway but because there is nothing wrong with a daily or weekly kick up the bottom.

Three Grannies
I am really lucky to have parents that divorced because I have a whole heap of extra relatives. It's one heck of a silver lining. These three ladies keep me inspired just by thinking about them!
My Mum's mum moved to England from South Africa when she was young and raised a beautiful family that went on to!  Neat huh. She also hitchhiked around Europe in the olden days (40's or 50's), is SO FAST at type writing and got a computer before I ever did. She inspires me.
My Dad's mum is a brilliant seamstress and sewed me a beautiful skirt that I love wearing.  When she first read this blog she chuckled and questioned how long I could keep it up for, and she is the most amazingly supportive woman.  It's less like having a Grandma and more like having a third Mum.
And my Step-mum's mum is sooooo good at quilting. She lived in America for a time and while she was there got really into patchworks.  I love the way it has become a big famil thing, everybody looks forward to seeing the next one whether it is a wedding present, a birthday present of a christmas gift.  There is usually one for each big special occasion. One of my most prized possessions is the quilt she made me when I left for university. I always keep it on my bed.


Check out Quarterly Co. and Not Another Bill.  I stumbled across them on the Guardian this Christmas and just knew I had to sign up.  

With Quarterly Co. you choose a contributor you like the sound of, for me it's Brooklyn Hero Supply Company (who I will visit soon), and each quarter they send you a package.  There could be anything in there - it's like a gift from the void.  I am so excited to receive my 
crime busting gear every few months. Shut up Crime.

Not Another Bill is also a brilliant idea but this one is monthly.  Each month you get sent a carefully curated item. It might be jewellery, it might be something for your home or something completely unexpected. I love the idea that if I get sent something that is amazing that would be perfect for my friend I can gift it to them and share the love.
Getting a little something fresh and new in the post will keep this year fun and exciting.  So excited.

So that's not every single thing that will keep me going, but it's some.  I'll share again soon.
Hope you all have an inspiring and beautiful year.
Hannah xxx

P.S If you can think of any great magazine subscriptions that you'd recommend that would be ACE.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2012 to-do list!!!

I have made a little list of goals and ambitions for the new year.  Some of them are things I know I can achieve and other things will take a lot of work and dedication.  Let's see what we have here.

1. Find somebody to illustrate my comic.
2. Move to America.
3. Fit into Mum's pink dress and have pictures taken to celebrate.
4. Write for a new magazine.
5. Attend life drawing classes.
6. Get a literary agent.
7. Have a Mummy/Daughter date with Milla, Elly and Mum.
8. Visit a foreign country with Wai Wai.
9. Blog everyday.
10. Learn how to write 'R' in cursive.
11. Make a new friend for life.
12. Volunteer at an art gallery.
13. Sew three items of clothing.

Why 13?  Because luck is not a number, it's what you make it.  I remember reading somewhere that luck is just hard work and preparation meets opportunity and I hope that's true for 2012.

I don't want to call these resolutions and it won't be the end of the world if I do not meet all of these goals - but I know I will have the best time trying.

What are you're aspirations?

Hannah x x x

P.S Sorry about the horrible photo quality - I will try and get a better shot when I find my camera.