Thursday, 22 March 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I was not in England this Valentines - I spent it in Chicago eating tasty food with my new friends and missing certain people a lot. So I made this card to send to my valentine. I did not want to post this on here till I was sure they'd seen it - so sorry about the delay.

I used a selection of Prismacolour pens, my Pentel brush pen and a couple of fine liners - my new favourite pen is my orange Sakura fine liner. 

Of course no card is complete without a Spock.  What you can't see from these pictures are that the pattern carries on to the back of the card and the envelope says "You've Got Mail" which is a reference to one of 'our' movies.

Hannah x x x

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Projects abound

Remember that mask?  A few weeks ago I papier mache'd it.  It shrunk lots so Ryan agreed to model it for me.  I am not sure what it will finally look like when I paint it but I am very excited about the great photo shoot we will be using it for.

Any ideas for the colour scheme of this foxy friend?

Hannah x x x

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Post from America

So following on from my last post - here is some more mail.  This is a postcard I created for my good friend Wai Wai and is a loose representation of the Chicago skyline. The little red plane is Porco Rosso - because he loves to visit the Americas.

I bought a pack of blank postcards and I am looking forward to sending them to my loved ones back home!

Hannah x x x