Thursday, 27 October 2011

Not quite project Thursday...

In my defence it is because I was having a beautifully crafty evening with my lovely Mum.  But you're all here for an update, right?

Here you can see Gigantor, the name I have given to this ludicrously wide scarf, in all his glory. He is nearly done and I am so excited to start wearing him.

I was joined by Kate today (the knitter) as well as Kaidy, Annie and Kaidy's sister who's name I forgot (she was lovely though). We went to the Pig & Fiddle in Bath and had burgers, coke, chats and a really, really great time. It is such a lovely pub - cannot wait to go next week.

Here I am with Gigantor.  As you can see we needed a sofa to ourselves.

I cannot wait to share what Mum and I were doing tonight!!!

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