Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I'll be straight down the line with you.  This is not my only blog.  I write for the West Wedding's blog and have a jumbled little Tumblr. I contemplated writing about the boat I'm staying on but seeing as I am seriously lazy and do very little worth mentioning while on board I thought it best to avoid that subject.

So, a little about me.  Like I said, I am staying on a boat.  I work as a barmaid, a bookseller (where I do as little as possible), as a journalist and sometimes I manage to fit being a full time student into my schedule.  
I'm a little pet mad. Puppies have the ability to make my ovaries explode on sight and kittens melt my eyeballs. Only kidding.  My eyes are fine.

Have you had enough of an awkward silence?  Great. We'll move on.  The plan with Holes In My Socks is to cram it full of artsy and craftsy type thingummies.  I've recently gotten into knitting, have rekindled my obsession with felt and am desperate to make tiny costumes for my cats (joking again).

So I set myself a challenge.  While writing this blog if I see something I want or think of something I need...I have to try making it first.
Less of a how-to and more of a how-I-did.

Have some cats.  O'Malley and Pet Cat.

Stick around.

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