Thursday, 27 October 2011

Not quite project Thursday...

In my defence it is because I was having a beautifully crafty evening with my lovely Mum.  But you're all here for an update, right?

Here you can see Gigantor, the name I have given to this ludicrously wide scarf, in all his glory. He is nearly done and I am so excited to start wearing him.

I was joined by Kate today (the knitter) as well as Kaidy, Annie and Kaidy's sister who's name I forgot (she was lovely though). We went to the Pig & Fiddle in Bath and had burgers, coke, chats and a really, really great time. It is such a lovely pub - cannot wait to go next week.

Here I am with Gigantor.  As you can see we needed a sofa to ourselves.

I cannot wait to share what Mum and I were doing tonight!!!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A present for the boyfriend

The first time I visited my boyfriend Ed in Brighton I was playing with his pens and created a tiny (and terribly cute) dinosaur named Steve.  Dinosaur Steve was loosely based on a tyrannosaurus-rex so had teeny tiny arms.  If I can convince Ed to take a picture I might even be able to share the original Steve.
It's mine and Ed's anniversary tomorrow and because I cannot be there on the day I went to stay for a few days this week.  As part of his gift I made him a felt Dinosaur Steve to warm his lonely nights.  Here's how I did it.

I gathered the bits and bobs I needed - Keira Knightley's face is a must for all crafty projects - I included pins, needles, red felt, blue felt, scissors and a marker pen. I forgot to include thread and stuffing.  Whoopsie.

Then I drew a really simple outline of a T-rex, cut it out, pinned it the red felt (that I had folded in half) and cut him out. I made sure I left enough room around the picture for the stitching.  Easy huh?

Cats love crafting too!

Then I neatly sewed around the edges with a teeny tiny running stitch (in out in out) until I had a little hole I hadn't stitched...and then...baddahhhh.  I turned him right-side-out ready for stuffing.

I stuffed my little Steve with left over wool I had lying around then added his little blue tummy, eyes and teeth.  He just about fit in the palm of my hand.

This little cat certainly seemed to like him and I promise you Dinosaur Steve was very well received at the other end.  


Saturday, 22 October 2011

Knit club

So I seem to be starting a wee trend.  Having seen my knitting for my scarf project a lot of my friends want to get on board.  Some are asking their parents to send their knitting from home while others, Kate I am talking about you, are venturing into the world of knitting for the first time.  

This website for I Knit London has really inspired me to make my knitting more sociable.  Kate and I are thinking of knitting together in pubs and having a drink because it was so lovely talking about our new wool purchases in Belushi's, Bath.

I'm totally feeling the idea of spinning some of my own wool.  What do you think?  I could introduce it to the circle of knitters I have created.

I also bought four new colours for knitting loveliness.  I'm thinking of making a really lovely autumnal scarf with them so I'll probably be back to Shaws for some more of the white yarn.

Have a good night

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Project Thursdays

Because I like to keep my hands busy I figured I should share with you what it is I have been working on.  It might be a hint to the next gift I am making, a continued project (like my epic scarf) or a comic/art I am working on.

Here is a picture of project number one.  It's not the best pictures as I was busily knitting while on the train. So far this scarf has eaten a large ball of blue wool and has moved through red and into grey. I am just under halfway through and when it's finished I will be super relieved and proud of myself. 

Expect updates

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I'll be straight down the line with you.  This is not my only blog.  I write for the West Wedding's blog and have a jumbled little Tumblr. I contemplated writing about the boat I'm staying on but seeing as I am seriously lazy and do very little worth mentioning while on board I thought it best to avoid that subject.

So, a little about me.  Like I said, I am staying on a boat.  I work as a barmaid, a bookseller (where I do as little as possible), as a journalist and sometimes I manage to fit being a full time student into my schedule.  
I'm a little pet mad. Puppies have the ability to make my ovaries explode on sight and kittens melt my eyeballs. Only kidding.  My eyes are fine.

Have you had enough of an awkward silence?  Great. We'll move on.  The plan with Holes In My Socks is to cram it full of artsy and craftsy type thingummies.  I've recently gotten into knitting, have rekindled my obsession with felt and am desperate to make tiny costumes for my cats (joking again).

So I set myself a challenge.  While writing this blog if I see something I want or think of something I need...I have to try making it first.
Less of a how-to and more of a how-I-did.

Have some cats.  O'Malley and Pet Cat.

Stick around.