Saturday, 22 October 2011

Knit club

So I seem to be starting a wee trend.  Having seen my knitting for my scarf project a lot of my friends want to get on board.  Some are asking their parents to send their knitting from home while others, Kate I am talking about you, are venturing into the world of knitting for the first time.  

This website for I Knit London has really inspired me to make my knitting more sociable.  Kate and I are thinking of knitting together in pubs and having a drink because it was so lovely talking about our new wool purchases in Belushi's, Bath.

I'm totally feeling the idea of spinning some of my own wool.  What do you think?  I could introduce it to the circle of knitters I have created.

I also bought four new colours for knitting loveliness.  I'm thinking of making a really lovely autumnal scarf with them so I'll probably be back to Shaws for some more of the white yarn.

Have a good night

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