Saturday, 31 December 2011

A year in photos...12 photos, 12 amazing months...

I celebrated my Dad's fiftieth with my amazing family...nautical style!
I turned 21 and spent the day in dismal Frome with my best friend - what a day!
We moved into our new MASSIVE home and the cats grew SO BIG.
I started dating the most incredibly kind man on earth.
May was all about the heat wave and living with these amazing guys.  Such happy memories! xxx
The opening of a new museum meant a great day out with my bestie!
July is the Boat Festival and this year I was so blessed to spend it with the people I love!
I spent August going on scavenger hunts with Ed and finding real treasure on the way...

An amazing family get together with three of my brothers and my Daddy!  Insane love there.
I got to spend a morning trying on bridal gowns for an article. So much fun.
My incredible little brother become a daddy himself, to Milla Rose Chapman,
I had a beautiful Christmas meal with my niece, my besties, my brother and his lovely partner.

For me 2011 has been a champion year.  I wrote a weekly feature for a national paper, entered and left a relationship (one that really made my summer truly magical and I have a real friend forever there), have spent a lot of time with family and building on friendships.
I feel so blessed in so many ways and it is all because of the people I am surrounded by so thank you all.

Much love,
Hannah xxx

P.S I've heard that 2012 is the year of it for you too?

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