Thursday, 22 December 2011

A little Christmas project

I love to make Christmas cards.  I think it is a super sweet way to share Christmas cheer with the people you love and if they are handmade then even better.

This year I made them with the help of my best galpal Wai Wai who just happens to be a very talented illustrator.  We were watching the film Elf and decided it would be really cute (and funny) to send Elf qoutes to all my family.  They haven't seen the film so they probably won't get the references. Anchor Man cards next year maybe?

One thing we learnt was that I cannot draw quotation marks.  I kept having to say "66 and 99" to get it right and even then I occasionally had to look at what I had drawn and say"Oh...66 and backwards 66..." Weak.

I bought two packets of pre-folded cards and envelopes.  We used a variety of pens to write the quotes and add the confetti to the pages.  Some of them are flush with the card while some dried raised, this makes them really nice to touch.

I hope you like the cards - I do!  Maybe there's one heading your way.

Hannah xxxx 

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