Saturday, 24 December 2011


Happy Christmas Eve everybody - I hope you are all sipping delicious mulled wine, eating home made mince pies and getting deliciously fat.

A little festive photo for you all. Me, my niece and my best buddy.

As I am sure most of the people reading this are aware, I am moving to Chicago in January. I fly out on the 11th to be precise and it is an event that has been sucking my life away.  I have been so focused on that that other projects and aspirations have fallen to the wayside a little.  

And so I must apologise that between Christmas and me arriving in my new home there may be a break in blogging.

I wanted to make my own clothes, become a better cook, make a handbag, build furniture and decorate the little boat I have been living on.  Sadly these things have not happened yet but it's my sincere hope that they do.  As of 2012 this little blog will be coming straight from the U.S.A and I hope we can all learn a little something about crafting while I am out there!

Here are some pics from last year, hopefully Christmas will be just as AMAZING.

I made Christmas jumpers last year, including: reindeer, christmas trees, snowmen and a robin.

I love this picture of TIm and Elly, she looks like a celebrity chef and so poised!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hannah xxx

P.S Think there's nothing to look forward to? Think again. Handmade gifts have been exchanged all over the place and I will be sharing the ones I have given and received this festive season.

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