Saturday, 12 November 2011

This needed to be adult sized

During my last stay at Ed's he showed me this amazing costume his mum made him when he was younger and some photos of his wearing other, shop bought, costumes. The photos I have taken do the costume very little justice.  The quality of the stitches, the fabric and the overall look of the costume was very high.  It's also still in excellent condition despite getting a lot of use during Ed's childhood. I was planning on making him a Star Trek costume for Christmas this year so I am really happy to be carrying on what looks like an old tradition.  

Apparently sometimes his mum still calls him her White Power Ranger on the phone...though I'm sure he'd rather I didn't tell you that...

Doesn't he look super cute as a Thunderbird?  Or as Captain Scarlet? 


P.S And for those of you wondering...yes I did try it on and no it didn't fit.  Was fun though! 

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