Thursday, 26 January 2012

From the Midwest

So I have relocated for the next few months to Chicago, Illinois, USA. Because I moved so far away from home I wanted to bring a few bits and pieces with me.  

Here is some pretty handmade bunting that you might remember from my time on the boat, made by Ed, and some pretty little stickers he made me (they were packaged in 'Ed stickers and Hannah stickers packets!!!)  Also a picture he drew of Dinosaur Steve.  Next to that is the cutest little print that I picked up in a Pop Up Shop in Birmingham when I lived there.

The cup/gravy boat/vase was gifted by the wonderful Kirsten Butler, The Little Wedding Helper.  I love it!  If I had some fresh flowers to put in it I would - but for now it is home to my art supplies. Kirsten told me that it is shaped that way so it can fit nicely onto a mantlepiece - so smart, so sweet!
I miss her a lot and all the fun times we have spent together at industry events. 

Soon to come - art work on the walls!
Hannah x x x

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